Independent Pharmacy Services in Whittier, CA

More and more people in Whittier, West Whittier, East Whittier, and South Whittier, CA rely on local pharmacies and medications as part of their everyday routine. They may be managing a chronic condition, battling a recent illness or recovering from a procedure. In any case, it’s important to rely on a local pharmacy to ensure you’re not only getting the medication you need—but also that you’re understanding your prescriptions and using them accordingly.

Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. strives to be a resource for local residents who want the peace of mind that comes from working with an independent pharmacy. We go above and beyond to provide an array of concierge services, so you have everything you need for optimal daily wellness.

Prescription Drug Refills

Transfer your prescriptions here and have them filled by pharmacy technicians that care about your health and wellbeing. We’ll make sure you always have your prescription on-time, at the most affordable rates.

Medication Compounding

Taking more than one prescription? We can compound them for you, to simplify the process of taking the right amount each day. Our compounding services also take into account drug interactions and levels.

Medication Assessments

Should you be taking the prescriptions you’re on, or is there a better option out there for you? We’ll assess your condition and how you respond to different medications, to recommend the best solution for your needs.

Drug Interaction Evaluation

Drug interactions can vary from person to person. We evaluate yours based on your medications, to ensure you’re not causing yourself undue stress or harm from medications that simply don’t mix well.

Dosing Evaluations

Are you taking the right amount of a medication? Our local pharmacist will sit down with you to assess dosages and how you’re responding to them, and can consult with you and your physician about correct dosing.

Medication Education

We believe every Whittier, CA patient should have a clear understanding of the medications they’re taking, including how to best administer them and the possible side effects they have. Let us educate you on your prescriptions.

Get in Touch

Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. isn’t just a place to get your prescriptions filled. We’re a local pharmacy with the wellness and wellbeing of our local-area customers in mind. To learn more about concierge pharmacy, homeopathic medicine, and total parenteral nutrition services, please contact us today at 562-698-0921.