Homeopathic Medicine in Whittier, CA

For many people living with chronic illnesses, adding yet another medication can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s why Chemique Pharmaceuticals Inc. takes pride in being a homeopathic pharmacy in Whittier, CA. We explore and exhaust all possibilities for non-invasive, natural-based remedies that don’t compound your situation with side effects and dangerous drug interactions. Our approach is an individualized one, taking into account your health condition, prescriptions and anything else factoring into your health.

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

The homeopathic approach to medicine is one that looks for the most beneficial solution to wellness—not necessarily the simplest one. For example, adding another prescription to your daily stack might cure one set of symptoms… but it might also generate other side effects. Moreover, if you’re managing symptoms and not addressing the root cause, the problems will only get worse. Homeopathic medicine aims to get to the source of health problems and illnesses, and treat those instead of treating the symptoms.

Why Consult With a Homeopathic Pharmacy?

Consulting with a homeopathic pharmacy can shed light into your wellness situation and help you organize and understand the various approaches you’re taking to recovery and management. At Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc., it involves taking stock of your prescriptions and assessing your health, and organizing everything into the best mode of administration. We strive to compound your medications to reduce and eliminate as many side effects as possible, and to supplement with infusion therapies that mitigate symptoms without adding more. Best of all, everything we do is individualized based on your health and wellness.

Schedule Your Consultation Appointment

Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. believes in the power of individualized medicine for Whittier, West Whittier, East Whittier, and South Whittier, CA patients. We take a homeopathic approach to assessing your current condition, any medications you’re on and any therapies that might benefit you. Then, we combine it all together in a plan that paves the way to optimal wellness, whether that includes total parenteral nutrition or vitamin infusions. Contact us today at 562-698-0921 to consult with us about your situation, and to explore the opportunities a homeopathic medicine approach offers.