Total Parenteral Nutrition in Whittier, CA

Some medical conditions can make it difficult to get the nutrition you need through regular digestion alone. Cancers, colitis and other ailments can make eating and digesting painful or hard on the body. At Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc., we understand the situation this puts people in—you need to eat, but the discomfort that comes with digestion can be devastating. It’s why we offer Custom Compounded total parenteral nutrition (TPN) at our facility in Whittier, CA.

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What is Total Parenteral Nutrition?

Are you or a loved one facing challenges in obtaining the vital nutrients your body needs to thrive? Discover the revolutionary solution that’s transforming lives with Chemique Pharmaceuticals! Say goodbye to nutritional gaps and hello to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Why Choose Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

🙂 Confidently manage your TPN Infusion at Home!

🩺 Dedicated Clinicians will help you 24/7, answering any and all your questions, assisting with home training.

💊 Custom made TPN formulations that are tailor made for you.

👩‍⚕️ Our Pharmacist compounds all TPN specifically for each patient as ordered by the Physician.

🔬 Personalized Nutrition: TPN is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our expert healthcare team crafts tailored nutrient blends to meet your unique needs, ensuring you receive the precise balance of proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

⚙️ Bypass Digestive Hurdles: For individuals with gastrointestinal issues or those who can’t absorb nutrients through traditional methods, Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. delivers nourishment directly into your bloodstream, optimizing nutrient utilization and promoting healing.

Continuous Nourishment: Mimicking the body’s natural nutrient absorption process, TPN is administered 24/7, supporting your body’s demands around the clock for a steady stream of energy and vitality.

🌐 Comprehensive Monitoring: Rest easy with our vigilant healthcare team by your side. Regular monitoring guarantees your TPN plan is on track, with adjustments made as needed to ensure optimal results and safety.

💪 Empower Your Journey: Regain strength, enhance recovery, and take charge of your health journey like never before. Chemique Pharmaceuticals empowers you to focus on what truly matters – your well-being and quality of life.

The Chemique Pharmaceuticals Difference: Unleash the Power of Complete Nutrition!

The Total Parenteral Nutrition Procedure

As part of a total parenteral nutrition procedure, patients receive an IV that contains important vitamins and nutrients the body needs for wellness. It’s very similar to receiving any other intravenous treatment.

We offer TPN at our facility in Whittier, CA or at your home. An experienced technician will administer the IV and get you started on the treatment in a comfortable position. The fluids you’ll receive include electrolytes, sugars, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and lipids—everything you need to stay healthy.

The Benefits of a Total Parenteral Nutrition Procedure

For individuals who can’t absorb nutrients through traditional means, TPN is an essential procedure that helps support the body.

  • Avoid the pain or discomfort that comes with limited digestion
  • Ensure the body gets a completely balanced range of vitamins and nutrients
  • Replenish energy, strength and hydration to healthy levels
  • More affordable than specialty medications to aid in digestion

Schedule an Appointment for TPN Therapy

Digestion is essential for wellness. If you’re struggling to get the nutrients you need due to a digestive condition or other chronic ailment, contact us at Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at 562-698-0921 to discuss a total parenteral nutrition procedure in Whittier, West Whittier, East Whittier, or South Whittier, CA and how it can help you. Or learn about our other services, which include hydration infusions and IV medications.