August 5, 2019

"Best place to get consultation from a clinical pharmacist for medical needs. Dr. Phil Millman is a Clinical Pharmacist and Homeopathic Doctor! Very well rounded, one of the most experienced and expert knowledge on medications. Also had my vaccines here for work and had wonderful service by the intern pharmacists!"
May 21, 2015

"Dr. Millman and staff at Chemique Pharmaceuticals are by far have been the most caring, accommodating professional people that I have ever had the pleasure of interacting and receiving of my health care. Dr. Millman has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery of stomach cancer and leukemia. His TPN formulation has provided my nutritional support necessary for my recovery and kept me from crashing and ending up in the hospital time and time again, his care and therapies are second to none and I truly believe that without Dr. Milkman's help my quality of life would be horrible. I can spend time with my grandchildren, take walks and travel because of his direct care. Thank you Dr. Millman and a very big thank you to your caring and wonderful staff that believe people isn't just a job but that they truly care."
May 13, 2015

"The staff at Chemique have always been accommodating, thorough and are the utmost professionals. It is evident they take enormous pride in their work, every possible measure of caution is taken to assure care is provided in the safest possible manner, never forgetting the feelings and comfort of the patient. Dr. Millman has a wealth of knowledge about pharmaceuticals and homeopathy and explains them in a way a layperson can understand. Norma, Johnny, Adrianna, Araceli and Andrea are extremely efficient and always do whatever they can to help with submitting prescriptions, product knowledge, or billing questions. Even during busy periods, I have never felt rushed and of my needs have always been addressed and met."