Wound & Post-Surgery Care in Whittier, CA

A chronic non-healing wound associated with diabetes is a serious problem requiring a “team approach”. We understand you have special needs and we provide that expertise. In addition to HRT and telemedicine services, your physician may refer you to us or you may call us directly at (562) 698-0921 to make an appointment for a free evaluation.

From bed sores to incisions, wound care is a critical part of patient recovery and chronic illness management. If you need post-surgery care or are dealing with a recurring infection due to an underlying condition, Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. wants to help. We administer wound care services to Whittier, CA patients, to help prevent a worsening condition or complications that can affect your health and wellness.

Chronic Wound Care

From cellulitis infections to ulcers and general infections caused by post-surgical wounds, we’re the authority in wound care. We understand you have special needs and we provide that expertise to ensure proper wound care for a wide array of chronic conditions. Your physician may refer you to us or you may call us directly to make an appointment for a free evaluation. Some of the cases we’re adept at working with include:

  • Constipation
  • Diabetic foot infection
  • Diabetic foot ulcer
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Pressure ulcer
  • Soft tissue infections
  • Cellulitis infections
  • Venous stasis ulcer

Post-Surgery Care Services

Surgical wounds need specialized care and cleaning to ensure they don’t become septic. Sepsis and other infections can lead to necrotic tissue and bloodborne infections, which spiral into complications and greater health concerns. We provide the post-surgery care necessary to help you avoid these complications.

  • Debridement:
    Debridement is a French term which means removing any dead tissue-chemically or surgically, so new healthy tissue can grow and the wound can heal.
  • Diabetes Management:
    We’re a certified Diabetic Education Center and will assist you in managing your diabetes, as well as coordinate with your physician.
  • Diagnostic Testing and Imaging:
    Testing and imaging may be necessary to assess why your wound isn’t healing and what approaches may be effective in promoting healing.
  • Dressing:
    Different type of specialized dressing are available for certain type of wounds. Some have medicines or chemicals or specific fibers to promote wound healing.
  • Glucose Testing/Pumps:
    We provide glucose meters and test strips. We also teach you how to self-manage your insulin pump.
  • Grafts:
    Either natural split thickness skin grafting or special Biosynthetic grafts may be necessary to promote proper healing for your wound.
  • Infection:
    Any open wound is susceptible to bacteria. Ongoing monitoring and treatment is absolutely necessary in preventing bacterial infection and other complications.
  • Nutritional Support:
    We offer expertise in intravenous TPN, vitamin therapy, mineral and proteins. Adequate nutrition is paramount for any wound to heal.
  • Specialists:
    When needed, we’ll call in specialists to provide additional expertise, such as vascular and general surgeons, orthopedics and reconstructive plastic surgeons.

Inquire About Wound Care

Need wound care from experts who understand what it takes to prevent infection and promote healing? Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is ready to help patients throughout Whittier, West Whittier, East Whittier, and South Whittier, CA. Have your doctor refer you to us or make the call yourself at 562-698-0921 for a free evaluation. Please bring your identifying papers and health insurance and information with you—and, if possible, your medications and medical records.


REFERRAL: Either have your doctor refer you to us or contact us at (562) 698-0921 for a free evaluation.
INSURANCE & MEDICAL RECORDS: Bring your identifying papers and health insurance and information with you, and if possible your medications and medical records.