Did You Know IV Chemotherapy Treatments Can Now Be Administered at Home?

The overall mortality rate from cancer is on the decline, according to data from the National Cancer Institute. In fact, there are currently over 17 million cancer survivors in the United States. While that statistic could be attributed to many factors, we can’t overlook the fact that our cancer treatment methods have vastly improved over the years.

Many patients combine treatment methods for best results, but chemotherapy is still one of the leading treatments for all types of cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 650,000 patients undergo chemo to treat their cancer. What these patients might not know, though, is that they don’t have to go to a medical clinic to receive treatment.

In-home IV chemotherapy is becoming increasingly popular across the country. Keep reading to learn more about in-home chemo and how to know if you’re a good candidate for in-home IV chemotherapy treatments.

What are the benefits of in-home IV chemotherapy?

In-home IV treatment is growing at a rate of about 7 percent year over year, and it only got more popular during the pandemic. These are the benefits of in-home IV chemotherapy and why a growing number of patients are opting for in-home treatment:

  • Safety: COVID-19 made medical facilities a danger zone, particularly for cancer patients with weak immune systems. Because patients don’t have to go to an oncology center with in-home treatment, it’s often a much safer option.
  • Convenience: The last thing cancer patients want to do is worry about finding a ride to an oncologist or work around the oncologist office’s schedule. With in-home treatment, infusion specialists come to your home at a time that’s right for you, adding convenience and relieving stress.
  • Emotional support: Chemotherapy can be a scary procedure during a very frightening time in someone’s life. With in-home treatment, family members can stay with their loved ones to provide love and emotional support during this trying time.
  • Cost saving: Outpatient chemo treatment can cost a fortune, which is stress that a cancer patient doesn’t need. Many times, in-home IV chemotherapy is a cheaper alternative than going to a medical center.

How do I know if I am a candidate for in-home IV chemotherapy treatments?

Not all patients are good candidates for IV chemo. This is often due to a doctor’s recommendations during the first few months of treatment, as they prefer to have their patients in a medical office during chemotherapy. Sadly, patients can also be turned down for in-home treatment by an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay for it.

Contact a top in-home IV chemo provider today

You should first talk to a doctor if you or a loved one are suffering from cancer and believe in-home IV treatment could be an option. If the doctor says in-home treatment may be the right decision, it’s time to book an appointment with Chemique Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Our infusion specialists work around your schedule to provide the treatment you need at a time that’s convenient for you.