Are IV Therapies More Effective Than Oral Supplements?

You may have heard that at-home IV therapies offer many benefits. But are they better than oral supplements? Oral supplements are capsules, tablets or liquids that you swallow. At-home IV therapies involve receiving supplements through a needle in your arm (intravenously).

In some cases, at-home IV therapies can be more effective than oral supplements, for a variety of reasons. If you’re trying to decide whether to use at-home IV therapies or oral supplements, consider the following potential benefits.

Benefits of IV infusions vs. oral supplements

Both of these methods can provide your body with the crucial nutrients it needs. However, at-home IV therapies can provide certain benefits that make them more effective:

  • Direct delivery: If you swallow a pill, the nutrients inside that pill have to go through your entire digestive system before your body can benefit from them. The process is slow, and many of the ingredients may be lost in the digestion and metabolizing process. In contrast, at-home IV therapies bypass this digestive process. The nutrients go right into your bloodstream, where they can be absorbed immediately. This means you can get the full benefits of the supplements right away.
  • Custom cocktail: When you take oral supplements, you are stuck with the pills and tablets that are mass produced and sold over the counter. You may have to take multiple products to get the combination of supplements you want and need. With at-home IV therapies, you can pick and choose the supplements you want and create a custom cocktail designed specifically for your body.
  • Hydration bonus: While directly delivering the supplements your body needs, at-home IV treatment also provides hydration. The solution can quickly hydrate your body, with a combination of water and salt that is designed for effective and efficient hydration.

Why use oral supplements?

There are certain situations that may call for oral supplements rather than at-home IV therapies. For example, certain medications cannot be administered in an IV format. In these cases, patients should receive their treatment orally. Another example might be when treating stomach ailments. Since the goal is to place the medication in the stomach, taking it orally is the best method.

On the other hand, some medications may be ineffective if taken orally, because they will be broken down by digestive enzymes and rendered useless. Insulin is an example of this type of medication.

Ultimately, each person should consult with professionals who can offer expertise in the type of medication or nutrients that are needed. Based on how the body best absorbs these substances, the appropriate method should be utilized.

Reap the benefits

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