IV Therapy Compared to Oral Supplements

When seeking medical treatment, one of the most important steps is researching the proper way to take supplements and prescribed treatments. While oral applications such as pills are the most common, there are other methods of receiving drug and supplement treatment. IV therapy Options Oral Supplement Advantages are a common debate as each method offers its advantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oral Supplements

A key advantage of oral supplements is that they are readily available, easy to use, and require very little preparation. Oral treatments can take the form of pills, tablets, or liquids and many common treatments are easy to find in one of these forms or others.

However, despite being commonplace, there are downsides to oral treatments. First, because oral treatments have to work their way through your digestive tract, it can take time before you start to feel the effects. This can be bothersome for certain treatments that are time sensitive such as pain relief. Second, many oral treatments carry unwanted side effects such as upset stomach, irritation of your stomach’s lining, and acid reflux. Third, despite requiring little preparation, a lot of oral treatments can be hard to take. Many people have trouble swallowing pills, and a lot of the pills for medical supplements are larger, increasing the overall difficulty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IV Therapy

IV therapy involves delivering medical treatment such as supplements, medication, and nutrients via an IV tube connected to your vein. The advantages of IV treatment include the following. IVs can be used to quickly treat specific issues such as dehydration. When you receive IV therapy, your digestion track is entirely bypassed, allowing your treatments to take effect far more quickly. Also, due to not going through your digestive tract, you don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects such as an upset stomach. Plus, if you hate swallowing pills, an IV does not require that.

The main downside of IV therapy is it is a bit more involved. You have to go to a medical professional and take the time needed to allow the IV treatment to fully enter your bloodstream. Unlike a pill, an IV requires you to sit down and undergo treatment — you can’t just take it and go within seconds.

Final Thoughts

Everyone’s medical needs are different, and each situation is unique. There are several methods to ingest medical supplements and medicines, each offering its pros and cons. What works best for you will depend on your unique circumstances and your doctor’s advice.